Train Your Future Generation of
Junior Developers With Flexilabs!

Are you looking to develop a client-specific product but having difficulty finding the perfect developer? Train your potential long-life junior developer with Flexilab’s Training Program.

What is Flexilab Junior Developer Training Program?

Flexilabs Junior Developer Training Program is a coaching course led by Flexisource IT to train and enhance Junior Developers’ skills and capabilities.

Together, we will capacitate your chosen junior developers with the latest programming languages and architect them to develop your product and help you with your needs. The training program aims to help two entities, the companies, and the junior developers.

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Who can join the Training Program?

Solo Entrepreneurs or Enterprises

Company and Businesses

Low Cost

Junior Developers

Junior Developers with existing programming skills

Looking to Upscale their Skills

Our Training Program Journey


Pre-Project Scoping

★ Client Assessment & Recruitment ★ Presentation of a pool of potential candidates


Month 1

★ Start of Partnership ★ Approval of candidates ★ Candidate preparation, training, and assessment


Month 2-3

★ Knowledge Application ★ Candidate aptitude examination ★ Candidate product building and coaching


Month 4-6

★ Candidate Deployment ★ Employment dedication making


Month 7-onwards

★ Probation Ends and Contract Renewal ★ Candidate onboarding to client’s company

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