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25 Trending Startup Business Ideas for 2024

Startup business ideas are difficult to come up with on your own. Especially since the most successful business ideas are those with innovative ventures, being confused and needing help on what kind of business you should begin isn’t shameful. Especially since the 2024 business trends are wide in variety.

There are no wrong answers when it comes to startup business ideas. However, if you need some suggestions we do have 25 startup business ideas for you to try.

Forecast for Startup Businesses in 2024

Can you find a way to predict what type of business could be successful each year? Not entirely. But you can find out which ones are likely to succeed based on statistics. The way to do this is simple: simply look into the background of what kind of businesses maintained or even increased in profit a month prior.

You can also use graphs on the population’s spending. The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows monthly household spending and compares them with recent results just a month apart. This data alone can give you an idea of the consumer spending flexibility within the country. An example would be the comparison between December 2023, January, and February 2024 where you see a steady increase in spending for each household

Why is this important? It’s good news because it means people are now slowly spending more in the past few months. This offers a great chance for many startup business ideas to get a shot at growth.

25 Trending Startup Businesses Ideas for 2024

We could continue seeking out distinct patterns to evaluate which of the startup business ideas will launch smoothly. However, the most successful business ideas don’t come with a formula that comes from patterns alone. Many successful companies today once started as Small business Ideas and the truth is that many of them were once innovative ventures started up by dreamers.

Startup business ideas

Educational Content

Startup business ideas like educational content are likely to succeed among the rest. What makes educational content so important is the information it gives out to learners. Especially since students are a consistent group of people that come in large numbers.

Learning on websites such as YouTube or even apps like TikTok is the norm for the younger generation. Information gathered there about history, finance, or even general studies reaches them easily. 

Pet Products

Everybody loves their pets. Whether it’s your childhood pet or the one you have now, spoiling them is a no-brainer. It’s also the reason why so many pet videos go viral on social media daily. 

Take advantage of the pet-loving society that we have and create some interesting pet products. Creating adorable designs for pet tools and functional pet care is bound to find customers with the same mindset: loving their pets.

Online Reselling

Since the global pandemic online reselling has become one of the trending startup business ideas. Products were difficult to obtain during lockdowns and it made communication and trade limited. Even as we now reside with fewer lockdowns and people are starting to return to their daily lives, online reselling maintains its position.

This is because of convenience. Reselling products is the process of buying products wholesale and selling them to customers with the priority of selling ready-made items. It’s far more convenient for those who have gotten used to online shopping because of the pandemic and even more so for the business owner who only needs to prioritize the amount they initially purchased. 


Startup business ideas like consultation services are a great example of a niche market. Specific customers such as those who need accountants, financial advisors, insurance, or medical treatment are always around. Take advantage of your diploma and begin your journey as a consultant.

A consultant doesn’t always have to be one with a diploma. Having experience in a specific field or title will be great as long as you can back up your professional career.

App Development

It hasn’t been that long since startup business ideas have branched out into technology-related services. Innovative business ideas like creating your app are now a common way to create a small business for yourself.

Developing an app such as a game, a digital planner, or more can gain profit through advertisements. If creating an app for yourself isn’t for you, developing apps for others is another type of startup that can surely fit your category.

Home Care Service

Home care service is one of the many great startup business ideas that can be backed up by experience or a medical background. Home care service is a type of service where the elderly are cared for in all their medical, emotional, and recreational needs.

There are many large home care services all over the world. However, startup businesses in-home care services don’t need to be as big as that initially. Some services in-home care can include visiting your clients in their homes, being an in-house caretaker, or even having them live within your homes.

Landscaping / Lawn Care

Startup business ideas involving landscaping are common enough to have statistics and proven methods to back them up. An example of this would be lawn care. The hustle and bustle of everyday life makes it difficult to do chores. One of the most taxing chores is lawn care.

A small business such as lawn care can be considered a humble beginning that can expand to more tools and specific lawn care services with heavy equipment. It can also eventually branch into landscaping services on a larger scale. It’s a great and steady way to create your own business.

Web Design

The most successful business ideas can no longer be successful without any Internet presence. In this modern age, the Internet has become a way to globally connect with people from all around the world and advertise trade.

Becoming a web designer or creating your own startup business of web designing can help not only you but your clients as well. Especially since clients are looking for a functional and aesthetic website for a business due to its high demand.


Bookkeeping may sound daunting at first, but it’s primarily similar to organizing a closet. Except this closet is filled with financial receipts. The organization of financial information of either a singular person or a company is called bookkeeping.

There’s no need for a degree such as accountancy for bookkeeping. Especially since bookkeeping is mainly organizing the daunting piles of finance-related papers. Meanwhile, accountants are the ones who understand, explain, and interpret the data revealed by the papers themselves. 

Photographer / Videographer

Starting a photography or videography business is also a startup business idea that has proven to grow at a steady pace. However, it takes dedication and promotion of your talents in the business. Weddings, birthdays, company parties, and more consistently need someone to document their experiences throughout the event. 

To become a photographer or a videographer you do not necessarily need a diploma in filmmaking. However, you must have experience and familiarity with camera functions and have done similar events before. 

Home Cleaning

It’s becoming popular to have a startup business idea that’s different and new. Meanwhile, home cleaning services have always been a product that’s needed by many. Home cleaning services are when a client hires a professional cleaner to clean their houses, offices, or garages. 

A startup business in home cleaning can lead to managing home cleaners and providing the best quality service.

Personal Trainer

Do you have a passion for fitness? Many people are looking to hire personal trainers for one-on-one sessions. Personal trainers looking to create their own startup business should have experience or knowledge in training not just their body type, but also other types.

Nutrition, exercise, and motivation as a trainer will surely receive more clients over time. Using proper management, marketing, and customer service is all you’ll need for stable growth.

Event Catering

Humans in general need to eat and love to socialize. Events are a common occurrence and it’s not a proper party without any meals. Startup business ideas involving food is always a safe choice. Anything to do with events is also a safe choice.

If you have the skills to make impressive meals and present them in a great way, event catering as a startup business may be the right one for you.


Startup business ideas can be as creative as they are functional. The evolution of talk shows to podcasts has grown significantly. Entertainment in listening to discussions or stories with niche topics. Most of the earlier podcast hosts began with their interests and now, with paid advertisements and even mentioning products, they can even go to work as hosts full-time. 

Delivery Service (Medical or Grocery)

Delivery services reached peak performances during the pandemic. Even until now that the lockdowns have been lifted, delivery services continue to be used today. Whether it’s through an app or a website, delivery services for groceries, medical items, and even food are needed.

Wedding Planner

Weddings are a cesspool of startup business ideas. Everything can be overwhelming for the couple from catering, and dresses, to schedule. This is why wedding planners are often hired to relax the couple and remain excited for their big day.

Wedding planning requires organizational skills, time management, and communication. The bright side is that being a wedding planner is possible regardless if it’s a career change. 


Dropshipping is a fairly new career term that has some similarities to online reselling and delivery. However, unlike reselling, dropshipping does not keep the third-party company’s products at hand. Instead, the seller receives an order and uses dropshipping to deliver their products to the customer.

It sounds confusing at first, but an example of dropshipping is when you have suppliers of a product and don’t order their products unless a customer requests it. The process of dropshipping is low-risk in terms of being a startup business and requires less effort compared to others.

Virtual Team Building

Out-of-the-box ideas like virtual team building came to be when long-distance learning and working became a norm. Startup business ideas surrounding virtual team building allow groups of people to connect and bond with each other during times when physical meetings are difficult to achieve.

But how is this done? That’s where startup businesses in virtual team building come in. Themes, games, and hosts are arranged in a team building that’s done virtually just the same as you would in a usual event. However, the costs for virtual team building could be less for clients and valuable for work-from-home companies.


A startup business idea that few haven’t thought much about is coaching. In business terms, coaching is when an expert assesses your company from management to process and then gives advice or teaches its staff for improvement.

Coaching is similar to a consultant in a company with the difference being that start-up coaching is a teamwork effort with their client to grab all opportunities their company has to offer. 

Personal Assistant

Personal assistants are a necessity whether it’s virtual or on-site. High-profile VIPs such as executives, CEOs, and celebrities constantly jump from one location to another. This makes it difficult for them to juggle the various activities that are laid out within the day.

To ease their time management and have a lighter load, VIPs tend to hire personal assistants. The tasks usually involve scheduling meetings, taking calls, organizing their calendars, and delivering or sending memos to other people. Virtual assistants have recently gained steady growth as an outsource as well. 

Chatbot Development

AI is taking over the tech scene with its ability to generate images, hold out conversations, transcribe audio data, and even become your assistant. Developing a chatbot will make it easier for clients who wish to use them in various ways.

An example would be OpenAI. Generating images, collecting information, and distributing them in a matter of minutes is the goal. Convenience in chatbot development still has a few errors–including the fact-checking portion of the chatbot. Learning about the different setbacks 

of AI and then coming up with your way to minimize damage while clients use your chatbot will be beneficial to both parties.

Dating Site Development

Online dating is one thing, but an app developed solely for dating is another. Applications such as Tinder, Bumble, or OKCupid use their developed app to match their customer’s preferences. 

The process of app and website development is confusing for those who never learned it. Should you decide to develop a dating website or app, you must first have experience in quality knowledge of how it works.

Removals Business

As stated earlier, startup business ideas involving homes are growing in Australia. Removals is a type of business where the clients will move from one place to another. While doing so, the employees will handle the heavy furniture to transport to your new home.

The capital for removals business while making deliveries on time is a necessity. A startup business with a good reputation will likely be hired once more.

Real Estate

Australia is widely known for its currently growing population. As a result, real estate is in more demand than ever. Homeowners looking to rent their apartments or buy one will need a decent real estate agent to provide them with the best possible houses at a fair price.

It may be more challenging as a startup business. Looking into rented homes and searching for properties available or renting can be daunting with one person alone. Additionally, professionals are needed to have an idea of the real estate industry. However, it is one of the many startup business ideas in 2024 that are likely to gain a steady income.

Translation Services

Innovative ventures with services that are unique and specific can also be great startup business ideas. Translation services are perfect for multilingual businesses that can help translate documents, and audio, or even communicate with people who speak different languages.

Starting a business based on translation will help create a globalized brand. Hiring or even translating the information on your own will help gain a steady reputation amongst people who need translated documents to continue with their projects.


It may be difficult to choose among the 2024 business startup trends to start. Especially since you will also have to validate startup ideas in 2024. Hopefully, these suggestions give you an idea of what kind of startup business you would like to continue.