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Branding Factors That Will Take Your Business to the Next Level

Business branding can make a big difference for your business. It is your company’s identity and personality which makes your business more memorable to your customers. 

And with the advent of social media, good business branding has become more critical. Consumers hold more power now than ever and can freely interact and become loyal customers to the businesses they most align with. Having said that, competition has become proportionally fiercer as a result.

So, how can you take your business to the next level with the help of business branding? This article will share the factors you need to pay attention to for both online and offline branding.

Why is business branding important?

“First impressions last a lifetime.” This rings true even for businesses.

Do not blindly hope your potential customers have a good impression of your company. Business branding helps guide people to form a positive impression and makes it easier for them to distinguish your company and its offerings.

There is no doubt that business branding is crucial for your company. Having said that, here are a couple more reasons startups need branding:

  1. Your business is more recognizable
  2. Business branding builds trust
  3. It improves advertising
  4. Great for your employees
  5. Creates loyal customers

9 Online Branding Tips

Now that we understand the why and the benefits you get with effective business branding, let us jump to the online branding tips you can apply to your strategy. 

Business branding

Create share-worthy content

“Content is king,” which applies to your website and all your social media channels. A lot of people worldwide consume content day in and day out. It is an excellent opportunity to step up your online branding efforts to make your business known and become a familiar face with your target audience. 

There is so much content online from different brands, and people have shorter attention spans and patience. To stand out, you need share-worthy content that is helpful and worth their while to achieve that. 

Aim for authenticity, not originality

To be honest, there is little difference between you and your competitors. Injecting originality or uniqueness in your online branding campaign for the sake of it can potentially alienate your audience. In addition, it can come across as contrived and trying too hard. 

Instead, strive to be authentic—be real and be honest. Adding authenticity to your online branding campaign makes you and your staff the content. Having said that, it makes your business more relatable to your audience. 

Choose social media platforms your people use

There are so many platforms to choose from. It is tempting to jump on every one of them to cover all bases. However, it uses up more time and energy on your end. To avoid this, carefully choose the social media platforms your target audience uses. 

Use location-based keywords & hashtags

Using location-based keywords and hashtags increases the chances of your business being found by your target audience. Just keep in mind not to overload when you do this. 

Offer guests to blog

Guest blogging or guest posting is the equivalent of visiting your business peers for online branding. You can tap into a wider audience, generate backlinks, and establish a better relationship with another business.

Take advantage of suitable blogging platforms

Platforms like LinkedIn and Medium provide another opportunity for your online branding campaign. It can help generate organic traffic to your website and drive your visitors to become paying customers. 

Another thing, these platforms have a large audience. They can share your blog and increase exposure

Get social with your community

What is the best way to relate with your audience? Talk to them. Pay attention to what they are saying in the comment section, reply to their inquiries, and create content that drives them to interact with you. 

It is also a great way to create share-worthy content because it directly answers their most-asked questions and is a lot relevant and helpful for them.

Encourage user-generated content

Another way to become social with your community online is to encourage them to create content as well. It can be in the form of a competition or a simple post that asks for their ideas or takes on a certain topic. 

Don’t be afraid to be human

Being human and authentic is the best way to relate to your audience. You do not need to constantly project a certain image on your social media channels and even your website. A way to do that is to add humour to your online branding campaign. 

Keep in mind, it does not have to be super funny, like the level of a comedian. It can be simple puns and a humorous spin on something related to your industry. 

5 Offline Branding Tips

Another aspect you need to pay attention to for your business branding strategy is offline branding

Tell the same story online and offline

Stories can connect people. So tell your story, not just online but also offline. Let people know more about your business. It can help increase brand awareness and make people relate to your business more. 

The story you share does not have to be amazing and mind-blowing. Be honest and share how your business started. Another option is to share the story of the people behind the brand.

Business branding

Put your logo on all your material 

Logos is a straightforward way to make people become more familiar with your brand. So put it on everything you create. 

The logo does not have to be big on your merchandise and freebies for offline branding. It can be small, placed in a noticeable portion of the object, and ensure the product is good quality. This way people will use your merchandise more often to increase exposure. 

Stand out

Offline, people have somewhere to be. So you need to grab their attention to pique their interest by standing out. 

The most challenging part of offline branding is not your competitors but making people give you some time. Interest and curiosity ensure you have your foot in the door. That is enough to create an opportunity for them to pay attention, and you can share your story or give them your branded merchandise. 

Be an expert people trust

People trust experts. They pay attention to them online and offline. Use this to your advantage by sharing useful tips that can be helpful to them. It does not have to be in-depth or detailed, just enough to pique their interest and make them come back to you and inquire. 

Keep track of what works and what does not

Not all offline branding strategies work. The possible reasons can be that it does strike a chord with your audience or it does not fit your brand. 

So make sure to track what works and what does not. This way you can continually improve your offline branding strategy and ultimately convert a curious passerby into a paying 

Create your business branding strategy

There is no doubt that your business branding strategy can help boost a lot of aspects of your business. Just keep in mind that it will take time. In today’s world, every space imaginable is oversaturated with content, brands, and advertisements. People are bombarded left and right, and consume these at a faster rate. 

Having said that, it should not deter you from creating a strong business branding strategy. A successful small business brand strategy lets people know who you are as a business, what you are offering, and the community that you are a part of. Communicating these ensures that you are relevant, relatable, and trustworthy. 

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